.5 oz Plum Algae Serum


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Plum Algae Serum

What it does: plumps; brightens; evens out skin complexion; can help smooth fine lines & wrinkles 

Use: as part of your night-time skincare regime 

Who’s it for? all skin types 

Ingredients: kakadu plum extract; algae extract; hyaluronic acid; l-ascorbic acid (vitamin c); AHA fruit enzymes; kakadu plum oil; aloe vera water; bacillus ferment; xanthan gum & leucidal liquid

 Key Ingredients: 

AHA Fruit Acids -  Fruit acids are considered skincare superheroes because of how effectively they combat signs of aging; they help exfoliate, brighten, and improve tone and texture..

Kakadu Plum Extract - contains the highest levels of vitamin C of any natural source on Earth; fights photoaging by neutralizing free radicals; anti inflammatory properties that help diminish redness; brightens complexion 

.5oz bottle